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No More Metal Panels: A Personal Rant on Hurricane Shutters

By Brian Trecek, Owner
Naples Shutter, Inc.

We’ve all heard of them.  We’ve all seen them.  Some of us have even installed them firsthand.  Shiny, silver hurricane shutters made of strips of corrugated metal.  Heavy, behemoth, sharp-edged monstrosities that make my blood pressure spike just by looking at them.  Why? Because they are outdated and ineffective.  I’m in the business of protecting homeowners from hurricanes and I need to get a few things off of my chest.

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Hurricane Shutter Theft Becoming A Trend

Naples Shutter was recently featured on FOX 4 In Your Corner about the growing number of reports made to the Sheriff's Office on hurricane shutter theft.

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Hurricane Season: Naples Shutter Gives You The Facts

Most of us Floridians know hurricane season all too well. We know that it runs from approximately May 1st through November 1st, and at any time in those parameters, we are susceptible to a storm of potentially great force.

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Naples Shutter Voted Best Hurricane Protection & Window Treatments

Naples Shutter would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our fantastic customers for voting us Champions in two categories of the 2013 Naples Daily News Southwest Florida Choice Awards!

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Hurricane Fabric 101: What the Heck is it, Anyway?

Here at Naples Shutter, we get calls every day from people who say, "Tell me about this hurricane fabric."  They may have heard about it from a friend, a neighbor, seen it on the news or seen one of our ads.  But they all have one thing in common:  they are incredibly skeptical that any kind of fabric could defend against hurricanes.  Well, today we will answer the most common questions people have about hurricane fabric and hopefully solve a few mysteries.

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7 Easy Steps to Deploying AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric

So you’ve done everything right.  You live in a hurricane zone.  You thoroughly researched all of your hurricane protection options, and purchased AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric from Naples Shutter. You're feeling pretty good.

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How do Hurricane Shutters Lower my Homeowner’s Insurance Rates?

As I was vacationing in the Florida Keys last week, I was reminded of those naughty hurricanes Donna, Betsy, Andrew, Frances, Jeanne and Wilma and the absolute need to armor your house against them.  I was also reminded of the need to save money as I watched my wife return from shopping with bags upon bags of souvenir t-shirts, pirate-head coconuts, gourmet groceries, scented candles, and giant seahorses made out of driftwood.  We know that hurricane shutters protect your most prized possession-your home-but they can also save you money by reducing your homeowner’s insurance rates.  How?  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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10 Fast Facts About AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric

You may have seen it in your neighborhood, heard friends talk about it, or read about it in the news, but lots of people still have questions about AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric by Naples Shutter.  If you're considering hurricane shutters, here's a quick summary of what AstroGuard is and why it's one of the fastest-growing hurricane protection products on the market.

1:  What is AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric?
AstroGuard is a nylon hybrid fabric that is placed over your windows, doors, garage and lanai/patio openings to protect your home during a hurricane.  Its high-strength fibers are woven and resin-coated, making it incredibly STRONG and SAFE.  AstroGuard defends against wind, water, and flying debris in excess of the Category 5 hurricane level.

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