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Protecting Your Lanai During Hurricane Season

The time has come. Hurricane Season 2020 has now arrived, and that means hurricane preparation should be a top priority from now until the end of November when the season officially ends (although we always recommend to stay prepared all year long!). You may have been keeping up with our hurricane preparedness blogs, which feature some helpful tips and information about how to properly prepare for inclement weather. There are a lot of things to keep in mind during this time of the year, but one thing may be at the top of your list...your hurricane protection. You may know by now that we believe not all hurricane protection is created equally, and some forms just provide better protection than others. One of the main areas that tends to suffer during severe weather is the lanai, and many homeowners are desperately seeking a product that can protect this area of the home.

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The Perks of AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric

AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric is among one of the most popular forms of hurricane protection in the industry today. Light-weight, easy to deploy and affordable, many Southwest Florida homeowners are turning to this product to protect them during a storm. Among the numerous benefits of AstroGuard, there comes with it a few other perks along the way. This versatile resin-coated hybrid fabric helps homeowners with some aspects you may not have even considered. Here are some of the perks of AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric.

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