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Wood Blinds vs. Shutters: Which One to Choose?

We understand that your home is your sanctuary. It makes sense that you want your window treatments to reflect your love for your living space. At Naples Shutter, we can help you upgrade your windows with wood blinds or shutters.

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The Benefits of Café Shutters

You may not have realized just how many windows you have in your home…not until you started searching for window treatments for all of them. It may be easy to outfit bedroom and living room windows, but the kitchen tends to be a bit tricky. After all, you want a durable product that will stand up against water, a rogue splash of olive oil and all the other elements found in a kitchen; however, you also want this area of the home to be stylish and functional. You want to be able to enjoy the view from the window above the sink while you’re putting away dishes or prepping food, and not every window treatment belongs in the kitchen. For this area of the home, as well as many other spaces, café shutters are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re wondering whether or not they’re right for you, let’s talk about the benefits of café shutters.

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Tips from the Pros: Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Your Home

If you've ever tuned into HGTV, followed a home décor professional on social media or started your own board of home design ideas on Pinterest, you know that there's a right way and a wrong way to decorate a space. The right way can make your home shine as a beautiful, functional place to be, while the wrong way can completely date it or disrupt its flow, and when it comes to window treatments, they're not to be overlooked. Your window treatments have the potential to make or break your home's look and one wrong choice can wreak havoc on your design. So, take it from the experts when it comes to your home's window treatments.

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Window Treatments for Arched Windows

When designing your home, window treatments are going to make it onto your design list, no matter which room you're focusing on, and it's important to choose wisely. Think about all of the windows you have in your home. Now, think of how many of those windows may require something other than a standard window treatment. Many Southwest Florida homes have specialty openings, such as arched windows and what works for other normal windows in your home, just won't cut it with arched openings. When it comes to window treatments for arched windows, let us help you find the right product that works in this unique space.

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