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How to Choose the Right Window Treatments

Your windows light up your home and create a more open space. But what about when you need to cover them, whether for more privacy or to save on your energy bills? Window treatments give you full control over how much light you allow into your home. At Naples Shutter, we offer premium window treatments for any home. 

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AstroGuard or Accordion Shutters: How to Choose the Right Option for Your Home

Hurricanes don’t wait for the right time to strike. They just do. How will you protect your home when the next tropical storm rolls in? With Naples Shutter, you can start considering your options. 

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Oversized Windows — Treatment Options for Large Spaces

You’re ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy your open-concept home. You have beautiful large windows, perfect for taking in Florida’s famous views. But even the most stunning oversized windows can fall flat without the right treatments.  

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Choosing the Right Hurricane Protection

As many people from the Sunshine State can attest, living in Florida can often mean dealing with storms and hurricanes. In fact, every one of Florida’s coastlines has seen at least one hurricane since 1850. You’ve probably heard warnings on the news to evacuate and protect yourself, but what about protecting your second most valuable asset: your home? 

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Trending Window Treatments for 2024

The world of home decor is constantly changing, including window treatments. These pieces can transform any living space, and 2024 promises to deliver exciting materials and styles. The talented team from Naples Shutter has studied the window treatment trends for 2024 and is prepared to help your home look its best! 

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Why Hurricane Preparedness Starts Now

Hurricane season is scary. As these rapid gusts of wind approach, those affected often panic. However, you can help to keep your emotions in check by being prepared. At Naples Shutter, we recommend starting early to ensure your family and home are truly ready for any weather. 

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Custom Blinds and Shades that Elevate Your Home

There’s something truly special about custom touches to your home. You no longer have to think about how and where to force a standard piece into your space. Instead, you can work with your home by outfitting it with items designed to perfectly match your space and aesthetic. With custom blinds from Naples Shutter, you will have enough options to give any room a unique appeal. 

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Bahama and Colonial Shutters: Design-Friendly Hurricane-Rated Impact Shutters

Harsh weather conditions can pop up anytime, especially during the Florida hurricane season. But you can prepare your home with design friendly options by learning about the differences between Bahama and Colonial hurricane impact-rated shutters. 

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Improve Your Home's Hurricane Protection With Rolldown Shutters

Hurricanes are a serious issue throughout many regions of the U.S. and beyond. In fact, the 2022 season saw more than $165 billion in property damage due to hurricanes in the U.S.. Even if homeowners have the insurance to handle repairs, they can find themselves in incredibly difficult situations. Naples Shutter provides a variety of hurricane protection options, including highly effective rolldown shutters.

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Features and Benefits of Custom Roller Shades

Decorating a home is all about striking the perfect balance between beauty and practicality. Sometimes, the latest designs might provide the look you want but lack the level of comfort and convenience you expect in your home. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice either one when you choose a custom roller shade from Naples Shutter.

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