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Hurricane Season 2018: What You Should Know

Weather forecasters are calling for an above average hurricane season this year. With three major hurricanes hitting the U.S. last year, Harvey, Irma and Maria, it seems as though this year we can expect just as many if not more hurricanes to make landfall. According to Colorado State University, this hurricane season will bring 14 named storms. Seven are expected to become hurricanes while three are expected to be major hurricanes. The chances of a hurricane making landfall this year is over 60% which is well above the average of 52%. Keep reading to learn how you can help prepare your family and your home. 

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Top 5 Weather Information Sources

It’s that time of the year. The skies grow dark, the wind picks up, and bam! A storm is on its way. Instead of being blindsided by a tropical storm (or worse) make sure you’re prepared. Here are the top 5 weather information sources that we recommend for staying in the know during this unpredictable time of year.

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