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Top 5 Weather Information Sources

It’s that time of the year. The skies grow dark, the wind picks up, and bam! A storm is on its way. Instead of being blindsided by a tropical storm (or worse) make sure you’re prepared. Here are the top 5 weather information sources that we recommend for staying in the know during this unpredictable time of year.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Type in and you’re immediately immersed in everything weather going on around the world. shows forecasts, maps, videos, news, photos and inclement weather no matter where you are. Just type in your zip code or city and get the scoop on what’s to come. Track tropical storms, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes with the click of your mouse, in order to prepare yourself and your family for storm time. gives you a complete ten day forecast and is constantly undated on any changes that may come about.


The NOAA, or the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, is a federal agency. It predominantly focuses on oceans and the atmosphere. The NOAA provides forecasts, storm warnings, monitors coastal restoration, and is a good source of tide tables for boaters and fishermen. Get up to date information on oceans, fisheries, research and climate changes. 

Not only does the NOAA provide valuable information about the weather, it also protects and preserves the nation’s ecosystems through the Coastal Zone Management Program.  This program partners with state and territory managers to help promote research and provide knowledge throughout various areas of the country. 


Many people use WeatherBug on their computers. It’s a helpful little tool that pops up on your desktop to alert you about what’s going on beyond your four walls. This free desktop application provides real time weather and lightning sensors in your area. WeatherBug’s early warning system helps to alert you of what’s to come, so that you can prepare accordingly. Don’t get left in the dark. Download WeatherBug and stay tuned to weather in your neighborhood and all across the globe.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground provides forecasts for many major cities across the country, updating residents of upcoming storms and showing radar images of exactly how a storm is travelling and when it’s going to hit. Get realtime updates to plan your next move. This site is especially helpful for hurricane season, as it shows detailed radar imaging of a hurricane’s path.


Perhaps not as well-known as the previous sources, WeatherSpark utilizes graphs, charts, and other weather data to provide up to date forecasts. This site prides itself on giving viewers more than “It’s going to rain today”. WeatherSpark shows wind speed, precipitation, temperature graphs throughout the course of the day, and more. If you’re looking to really gain knowledge of what’s about to hit, WeatherSpark is for you.

We hope these weather sources can help you in better preparing for any inclement weather coming your way. The great thing about this day and age is that all of these sources mentioned above are available on your iPhone, tablet, or Android devices, so visit their websites and download their apps.

It’s good to be prepared, and knowledge definitely is power when it comes to the weather. We encourage all Southwest Florida residents and visitors not to underestimate a storm. Know your evacuation routes and have a plan. It seems as though weather can change within a blink of an eye, but with these guys listed above, you can be ahead of the game.

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