Bahama Shutters

Enhance and Protect Your Home’s Exterior

Bahama-introBahama and Colonial Shutters Deliver Curb Appeal and So Much More

Exterior shutters add architectural appeal, color, and interest to your home, but did you know they’re not just for looks? They can also provide storm protection, home security, and energy savings. That’s right. Bahama and Colonial shutters are among the most useful additions available for your home or commercial property. And Naples Shutter’s turnkey service makes everything simple from design to installation.


Our Exterior Application Collections

Bahama Shutters

Island Appeal Wherever You Live

Bahama shutters are a type of outside window covering hinged at the top and propped open with a telescoping arm. Constructed of a sturdy extruded aluminum frame and louvers, these beauties are finished with your choice of over 200 powder coat colors. The powder coating process ensures that the shutters maintain their color and good looks throughout years of punishing weather. The Bahama shutter can be propped all the way open, partly open or all the way closed. When opened, Bahama shutters provide much needed shade, helping reduce energy bills. When closed and locked, they can provide security against intrusion, and are also available in a hurricane impact-rated option.


Bahama Shutters

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Colonial Shutters

The Finishing Touch

Colonial shutters are mounted on either side of your window, and are available as either a decorative or functional option. Decorative Colonials are permanently mounted on both sides of the window and do not move. Functional Colonial shutters are hinged on the right and left sides of the window and fold together to meet in the middle, covering the window opening. Colonial shutters come in a wide variety of options including arches and bi-fold configurations, and are powder coated with your choice of over 200 colors. The functional Colonial shutter is also available in a hurricane impact-rated option.


Colonial Shutters

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Hurricane Impact-Rated Shutters

Upgrade to Peace of Mind

Both Bahama and Colonial exterior shutters from Naples Shutter are available as a hurricane impact-rated option. Approved by the Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade Building code, these storm shutters include a flat backing which is perforated to let light in. They also feature heavy duty lock-down systems and upgraded hardware. At storm time, you simply swing the shutters closed on their hinges and lock them into place, making them among the easiest of all hurricane systems to deploy.

Hurricane Impact-Rated Shutters

Hurricane Impact-Rated Shutters

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Indoor/Outdoor Aluminum Plantation Shutters

Beautiful and practical all at once

Nothing matches the look of plantation shutters. The louvers move in such a way that they adjust to any desired position. You can have them completely open or completely closed. Also, the panels have a range of movement to accommodate your likes and needs. They allow the user to open or close the opening for cleaning, walking through, or simply enjoying the view. Combine all of these benefits with the durability of aluminum, and you will have a shutter that is virtually maintenance free, even when outside.
  • Wood-look stain and paint colors
  • Multiple configurations
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Maintenance free

Aluminum Plantation Shutters

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