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What to Expect for the 2024 Hurricane Season

The 2024 hurricane season is here. It started on June 1 and is here to stay until November 30. This time of year can bring considerable stress to homes (and residents) across Florida. Don’t worry, though — at Naples Shutter, we have the information you need to hurricane-proof your home this season. 

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Hurricane Preparedness: Your Checklist When a Hurricane is on the Way

We deal with hurricane season every year. From June 1st through November 30th, Southwest Florida residents get prepared for any inclement weather that may or may not happen. And although a devastating storm may not have hit us in the past couple of years, it doesn't mean that we can expect the same this year. After all, it IS 2020! Anything can and will happen, right? We're certainly hoping that Southwest Florida will remain safe from any catastrophes, but we can't control the weather. What we can control is how we assist our community in getting prepared if a storm's arrival is imminent.

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