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How to Create a Modern Look with Your Window Treatments

We live in a time where modern minimalism is taking over in our homes and beyond. Clean, crisp features with sparse details sprinkled throughout create a look that’s not only calming, but functional as well. Clean lines and less clutter make a home easy to look at, not to mention a breeze to clean, and your window treatments can play a big role in achieving this in your home. Window treatments take up a larger area than you may realize in each room, so being able to accent the space and really make it your own is possible with the right product on your windows. If you’re looking to create a modern look in your home, you’ll want to take some tips from the design pros first, so that you’re pleased with the end result.

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The Best Window Treatments for Home Gyms

It’s a new year and if you’ve made a resolution to become more active, you may be outfitting a space in your home into a gym area. After all, exercising at home means not having to fight the traffic to get to the gym and avoiding crowds of people all trying to use the same machines. In your own personal gym, you’re able to have the privacy you need, in addition to working out whenever you want. Speaking of privacy, how can you ensure that your home gym area maintains its private appeal, so that your neighbors aren’t watching you struggle on the treadmill? That’s where window treatments come in to save the day. Letting light in when you want in, while offering privacy when you need it, window treatments are what every home gym requires, but not every product works well in a gym setting. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorites for this area of the home.

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Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

These days, the home includes a hub of technology nestled inside of it. From smart appliances to voice assistants, security cameras to lighting, just about anything can be automated in your home, but what about window treatments? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control your window treatments from afar, directing them where they need to go, even if you’re nowhere near home? With automated shades, you’re able to do just that, and if you’re wondering whether or not automated window treatments are right for you, let the pros weigh in here. As we strive for even more convenience in our everyday routine, it just makes sense that more and more homeowners would gravitate toward automated options. Imagine being able to enjoy the spectacular sunset the moment you walk through the door after a busy day running errands. When it comes to automating your home, don’t forget about your window treatments.

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Are Solar Shades and Roller Shades the Same?

You’ve decided that you prefer shades in your home, but you’re not quite sure which type of shade will be perfect for every room. Two popular options in the industry are solar shades and roller shades, and although many homeowners believe that they’re the same product, they’re actually quite different. The shade that you choose to cover each window in your home matters, especially when you consider the main responsibility of that shade. For example, will the window in question need maximum privacy or enhanced light filtering capabilities? In order to achieve style and function in each space, your blinds will be a big part of the process. So, are solar shades and roller shades the same? No! Let’s find out how they’re different.

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Best Window Treatments for Children’s Bedrooms

Whether you’re getting ready to host the grandkids while they’re in town or you’re attempting to revamp your child’s bedroom, window treatments play a big role in the overall look and feel of this space. Children’s rooms are colorful and full of light, and you want to maintain that bright and airy feeling by choosing the right window treatments for the space, but you also want them to be durable and above all else, safe. From shutters to shades and everything in between, there’s an option available that will add character to your child’s room, along with privacy and security. Here are the best window treatments for children’s bedrooms.

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Window Treatment Trends for 2022

If you can believe it, another year is about to come to a close, which means that a new year is upon us, bringing new home design trends along with it! When it comes to window treatments, it’s important that the products you choose for your home complement your home’s style, as well as work with the home design trends of the year. For many, this means choosing timeless window treatments that will continue to be in style, even as other fads fade away. So, what’s in store for 2022? When it comes to home design, light and bright remain popular, and if you’re looking to outfit your windows with new window treatments in the new year, you’ll want to pay attention to certain trends. After all, your windows take up quite a bit of real estate in your home, so furnishing them properly is important.

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Horizontal vs. Vertical Blinds: The Best Applications for Each

When designing your home, you’ll quickly find out how much of an impact window treatments have on a space. Think about it, your windows take up a large portion of any given room, which means that what you choose to hang on them will matter…a lot. For many homeowners, blinds and shades complete the look of their home; however, it may be challenging to figure out which particular type will work for you, especially when it comes to horizontal and vertical blinds. Does one look better than the other? Do certain openings require a certain type of shade? If you’re wondering what the best look for your home will be, let the pros hand out some helpful advice. Comparing horizontal vs. vertical blinds, here are the best applications for each.

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Hurricane Season 2021: The End Is Near

Any Floridian knows that hurricane season takes up a large portion of the year, and just because the end of season is quickly approaching, it doesn't mean that it's time to let your guard down. From June 1st until November 30th, the Atlantic Hurricane Season keeps us on our toes here in Southwest Florida, and from preparing our hurricane kits to securing our hurricane protection, we always preach the same message...stay prepared. So, although we're nearing the end of the season, what does that mean exactly and what steps should you take moving forward?

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Window Treatment Solutions for Your Home Theater or Media Room

Our homes play more of a role than ever in delivering everything we need in a day, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. From office spaces to gyms, relaxing spa areas and more, it just makes sense to outfit your home to cater to your individual needs. The same goes for entertainment, and if you're looking to create a home theater or media room in your home, you'll need the right window treatments for this particular space. This is especially important when converting an existing bedroom or den area that's full of windows, because when it comes to home theaters, movies are better with the right ambiance. So, here are some of the top window treatment solutions for your home theater or media room.

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Best Window Treatments for Skylights

Although skylights are beautiful additions to the home, offering an unmatched view of the stars above at night and letting light in during the sunny Southwest Florida days, covering them may be a necessity. It's rare for homeowners to want to leave skylights exposed, especially if they want to sleep past sunrise. But how do you cover them, while also enjoying the pristine views that they deliver? It turns out that you have a number of options, designed for skylights to not only blend in seamlessly with your home's style, but also offer you maximum privacy and light filtering abilities. Here are some of the best window treatments for skylights.

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