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Bringing in Natural Elements and Texture With Woven Wood Shades

You don’t need to be an expert on biophilic design to enjoy the benefits of bringing natural elements into your decor. No matter your style — from minimalism to maximalism — woven wood shade options from Naples Shutter add a layer of texture and nature-inspired color to any room. 

4 Benefits of Choosing Woven Wood Shade Options

Upgrading window coverings is one of the simplest and most effective ways to change the look of your home. If you want to bring some of the outdoors into your living space, woven shades2023_PROV_PV_Mindanao_Detail help you accomplish that goal in several ways. 

1. Accentuate Style 

Wood shades have a clean, organic look. They are perfect for any room, from a child’s bedroom to a gourmet kitchen. Whether you prefer your window coverings to be simple or with a dash of flair, you’ll find a style of woven shades to complement any room. 

2. Bring in Natural Light

Thanks to the design, woven wood shades help you bring more natural light into your home. Woven shades provide privacy while still allowing sunlight into your space. Some of the benefits of natural light include:

  • Energy Savings: Less dependence on artificial lighting during the day
  • Vitamin D Boost: Natural sunlight helps the body produce this essential vitamin
  • Mood Enhancement: Natural light helps release serotonin to help regulate mood
  • Visual Interest: Natural light enhances colors, textures, and architectural details
  • Light Level Control: Easily manage the amount of light in each room

Woven shades help you create a warm, cozy atmosphere at home in every season. 

3. Highlight Beautiful Views (or Hide Bad Ones)

Does your home overlook a stunning view of the woods, or are you stuck in a lively but not-so-scenic area of the city? Woven shades are so easy to raise and lower that you can choose how much of the view you want to see. 

Valance features make it easy to leave a portion of the window open to let the sunshine in while still blocking a bad view and protecting your privacy. 

4. So Many Options

You’d expect woven wood shade options to include different shapes and colors, but there are so many ways to customize your shades. At Naples Shutter, you can choose from over 150 different patterns, including classic, hobbles, and vertical styles. Motorized and blackout shades are also available. 

Choose Woven Wood Shades for Your Home

Are you ready to throw some shade? We’re talking about woven wood shades, of course. With so many benefits and so many styles to choose from, choosing woven shades could be the most enjoyable part of your design project. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple design upgrade or you’re redoing an entire room, the team at Naples Shutter is here to help. Our design experts can help you select the perfect shades for your home and provide a free estimate. Contact Naples Shutter today to learn more about how woven wood shades can enhance your space. 

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