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Choosing Naples Shutter for Your Exterior Hurricane Protection Products

Since 1891, nearly 40% of all hurricanes that have made landfall in the U.S. have landed in Florida. Nailing boards across windows and doors may protect your home in an emergency, but it’s better to think ahead. Investing in hurricane products from Naples Shutter not only safeguards your home and family, but it can also lower your insurance rate and bring peace of mind. 

What Are Hurricane Products for the Home?

Keeping essential emergency items like food, water, a weather radio, and a generator on hand is preparedness 101, no matter where you live. However, for those who live in hurricane country, being prepared also means doing what you can to protect your home from damage. 

Whether you choose to ride out a storm or evacuation becomes impossible, hurricane products from Naples Shutter will protect your home and protect the people inside. Hurricane fabric and rolldown and accordion shutters are three of the most important hurricane products to consider. 

Hurricane Fabric photo_2

Hurricane fabric is the only product that provides “full envelope” protection to your property.    With a durable resin coating, AstroGuard hurricane fabric from Naples Shutter can deflect hurricane-force winds and prevent pressurization inside your home. Pressurization is what allows a roof to lift off a building during a storm and cause catastrophic damage. 

AstroGuard hurricane fabric offers several advantages over other brands, including:

  • Rapid deployment
  • 100% UV resistant
  • Lets in light
  • Blocks 99% of rain and wind
  • Easy and fast to deploy
  • Approved by Florida Building Code and HVHZ
  • Compact for easy storage

AstroGuard hurricane fabric is lightweight and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The patented mounting clips used to attach AstroGuard to your property protect the fabric from tearing and add to the product’s durability. 


Hurricane shutters from Naples Shutter come in two styles: rolldown and accordion. Both types are installed on windows, doors, and lanai openings as permanent fixtures. Throughout the year, they provide protection from noise and sun and offer an added layer of security.

In the case of a hurricane or other major storm, permanent shutters also provide complete storm protection. Accordion shutters can be installed with a removable bottom track to eliminate a tripping hazard in your lanai or doorway openings when the shutter is not needed. 

Rolldown shutters can be operated from the exterior or interior of the home with an electric motor or convenient hand crank. One advantage of rolldown shutters is that they can be rolled up or down to your preference. 

Both rolldown and accordion shutters increase the security of your home and are easy to operate. 

You Can Trust Hurricane Products From Naples Shutter

Naples Shutter has helped over 40,000 clients protect their homes with reliable hurricane products. Our experts can assess your home and provide a free analysis of the most beneficial hurricane products. We also include free measuring and installation. 

Call Naples Shutter today to learn more about protecting your home during hurricane season.

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