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Wood Blinds vs. Shutters: Which One to Choose?

We understand that your home is your sanctuary. It makes sense that you want your window treatments to reflect your love for your living space. At Naples Shutter, we can help you upgrade your windows with wood blinds or shutters.

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose between different window treatments. Learning the key differences between wood blinds and shutters can help you determine which option works best for you and your home.

Comparing Window Treatments: Key Differences Between Wood Blinds and Shutters

Both types of window treatments filter light according to your preferences. If you have blinds, you can shut them to keep sunlight out. Similarly, you can close shutters whenever you want or need to.

However, the aesthetics and price differences matter when choosing between these options. Here are some of the most important differences between wood blinds and shutters.

Lower Cost: Wood Blinds

While wood blinds are considered high-end window treatments, they save you a little bit of money compared to shutters. This is because shutters often use more expensive materials and have more complex installation.

More Durability: Shutters

Shutters are designed to be durable and long lasting. They are a timeless look that can be custom built by Naples Shutter to match the design of your home whether it is traditional or modern.

Shutters are fixed to the entire window casing making them harder to become loose or break IMG_6699-1 away from the window with proper care and maintenance..

Wood blinds use a pulley system to pull the blinds up and down and hold up well with proper care. If you take care of your wood blinds, they’ll take care of you.

Matching Your Window Treatments to Your Home’s Aesthetic

Wood blinds work well in many styles of homes. They offer charm, character, and old-school aesthetics.

Shutters can be custom built to appear as a more modern or traditional solution for your windows with more customization options than wood blinds offer.

Ultimately, your choice of window treatments will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and aesthetic. Working with Naples Shutter we will help you go over all of your options so you select the style that will fit your lifestyle the best. Window treatments are a long-term investment and we want our clients to be happy with their choices.

The Ultimate Benefits and Features of Our Window Treatments

Wood blinds and shutters both offer benefits to homeowners. Each has advantages that can upgrade your home functionally and aesthetically. Here are the best features of each type of window treatment from Naples Shutter.

What Wood Blinds Have to Offer

Our wood blinds offer the following advantages:

wood-7Natural wood grain
  • Color variations
  • Alternative wood choices
  • High-quality wood types (cherry, genuine oak, and more)
  • Motorization (optional)
  • Wide selection of louver sizes
  • Timeless design

If blinds are the window treatment you choose, don’t miss out on the fine wood we use to craft our wood blinds at Naples Shutter.

Best Plantation Shutter Features

Plantation shutters are wonderful for upgrading your home’s aesthetic. We have a wide selection of shutter types to meet your needs.

Here are some of our plantation shutters’ best features:

  • Competitive prices
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Top-quality wood
  • High-end synthetic materials
  • Resistance to warping and chipping
  • Water resistance (select shutters only)
  • Customizable stains and finishes
  • Your choice of louver size
  • Specialty shutters and customization

These advantages make our shutters the ultimate choice for your home’s new plantation shutters.

Shop the Best Window Treatments From Naples Shutter

We’re committed to providing quality products and skilled installation. No matter what your windows need, we have you covered. Book a consultation and get a free estimate today!

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