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Community Spotlight: Stonebridge

Relax in the elegance that is Stonebridge. With unsurpassed value and a pursuit of excellence, more Southwest Florida residents are calling this gated golf community home. Stunning preserve views make finding tranquility and serenity effortless, and with a variety of different activities to participate in, Stonebridge simply has it all. With world-class golf and close proximity to some of the best beaches in the country, you may just want to consider Stonebridge for your next home.

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Best Window Treatments for Outdoor Living

Being able to relax amidst the picturesque backdrop of our Southwest Florida paradise is important for many homeowners. Embracing the tranquility of outdoor living has become more and more popular over the years, and homes are now equipped with impressive outdoor living areas that feature top-quality outdoor kitchens, beautiful pools and spas, water features and space to entertain. When it comes to embracing our Southwest Florida paradise, don't forget about your window treatments. They need to be able to handle our sometimes harsh climate just like anything else in your home. Here's our top picks for the best window treatments for outdoor living.

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Product Spotlight: Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades

The variety of window treatments on the market these days can seem endless, and no matter which space you're looking to outfit in your home, there seems to be so many products to choose from. When it comes to window treatments, it's all about style. Many homeowners are opting for soft, light-filtering options, which provide privacy and allow the right amount of light into a room. When choosing the right window treatments for your space, you'll need to decide the function of your window treatments as well. A product we'd like to spotlight is Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades from Hunter Douglas. Let's talk style...

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The Perks of AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric

AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric is among one of the most popular forms of hurricane protection in the industry today. Light-weight, easy to deploy and affordable, many Southwest Florida homeowners are turning to this product to protect them during a storm. Among the numerous benefits of AstroGuard, there comes with it a few other perks along the way. This versatile resin-coated hybrid fabric helps homeowners with some aspects you may not have even considered. Here are some of the perks of AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric.

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Kitchen Window Treatments: Selecting the Right Product for Your Space

The kitchen is often thought of as the heart of the home, and quite literally one of the busiest spaces in the entire house. Selecting the right window treatments for this area is key, and there are many choices on the market today, including PVC shutters, poly plantation shutters and various types of blinds and shades. When it comes to kitchen window treatments, selecting the right product for your space is important. Here are our top tips to ensure that you're satisfied with your choice.

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What We Learned From Hurricane Irma: One Year Later

It's been over a year now that Hurricane Irma made her debut upon our shores. It's been over a year now that devastation took place. And it's been over a year now that we've been rebuilding together. It seems as though every time we experience a hurricane of Irma's proportions, we learn something new each time. And it also seems as though we band together even more, working to restore Southwest Florida back to what it once was before the storm. It's true...some businesses and homes received devastating damage and are still not yet rebuilt. And it's also true that we're not out of the woods yet. We still have a couple more months of hurricane season left. Here's what we learned from Hurricane Irma one year later.

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Plantation Shutter Manufacturing: Quality Matters!

Having been in the plantation shutter business for over 36 years, we've learned a thing or two about the industry. We have learned that quality, timeliness and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition, and providing clients with accurate lead times and a superior product is of the utmost importance. Having had a few conversations with various contractors and hearing about their less than acceptable experiences with other shutter manufacturers, it prompted us to really think about our industry. When it comes to plantation shutter manufacturing, quality matters!

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Atlantic vs. Pacific Hurricanes: What's the Difference?

As you tune into any weather update this time of the year, chances are you'll be hearing quite a bit about hurricanes. Devastation, loss and catastrophic damage normally accompany a hurricane, and during the warm summer months, they tend to run rampant in certain parts of the globe. Now, we may only think of Hurricane Season occurring in the Atlantic Ocean; however, Pacific hurricanes also occur, and are much like their Atlantic counterparts. So, when it comes to Atlantic vs. Pacific hurricanes, what's the difference?

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Community Spotlight: Esplanade at Hacienda Lakes

An active lifestyle, numerous amenities and beautiful architecture await you at one of Naples' newest communities. Imagine being just a short drive away from Southwest Florida's white sand beaches and tranquil waters, all while having the privacy you desire. At Esplanade at Hacienda Lakes, you can have it all. Activities, stunning homes and a sense of community are some of the aspects you can expect when you make this amazing community your home.

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Hurricane Fabric vs. Rolldown Shutters: Pros & Cons

We're in the middle of it now. Hurricane Season 2018 has begun and if you remember anything about last year, you know that virtually anything is possible. Hurricane Irma made her debut in early September and some residences and businesses are still picking up the pieces from the devastating storm. When it comes to inclement weather here in Southwest Florida, preparation is key, and outfitting your home with proper hurricane protection is imperative. Today, we're here to shed some light on two popular hurricane protection products, hurricane fabric and rolldown shutters, to help you better choose the right fit for your home.

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