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Product Spotlight: Bahama Shutters

Take a look around at some Southwest Florida homes. Notice anything? In addition to pristine landscaping, pools and outdoor living areas, you may have noticed colorful shutters donning the outside of many homes. Bahama shutters are not only popular among many Southwest Florida homeowners, they add curb appeal, style and functionality to a home. So, why are so many homeowners opting to include these shutters on their home's exterior? Our product spotlight today is going to delve into the world of Bahama shutters and why they're so popular in our area today.

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Top Tips for Customizing Your Window Treatments

Your window treatments say a lot about a room. They have the potential to bring life, character and style to the space, and knowing how to customize them to fit your unique needs is key. From plantation shutters to luxury sheers, you've got options when it comes to the look, feel, operation and more, so don't be shy about choosing what works for you! If you're not sure where to start, let us offer some helpful advice. Here are our top tips for customizing your window treatments...

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Community Spotlight: Naples Reserve

Escape to paradise. Experience waterfront living in South Naples, like never before in a beautiful, carefree environment. Enjoy your Southwest Florida lifestyle at one of the ultimate lifestyle communities in the area. Imagine being nestled within the tranquility of 22 lake and nature preserves with endless amenities and breathtaking views. Imagine enjoying countless activities and having your selection of multiple floorplans and home designs to best fit your needs. Imagine enjoying a variety of resort-style pools, tiki bar, cafe and more on just a typical day in paradise.

Imagine your life at Naples Reserve...

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Window Treatments for Arched Windows

When designing your home, window treatments are going to make it onto your design list, no matter which room you're focusing on, and it's important to choose wisely. Think about all of the windows you have in your home. Now, think of how many of those windows may require something other than a standard window treatment. Many Southwest Florida homes have specialty openings, such as arched windows and what works for other normal windows in your home, just won't cut it with arched openings. When it comes to window treatments for arched windows, let us help you find the right product that works in this unique space.

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Choosing the Best Operating System for Your Blinds

You've selected the perfect sheer, chosen the color and texture and are ready to get them installed in your home. Just one question remains...what operating system should you pair with your brand new shades? The way your shades operate is important to the overall feel of the space and function of the product. Do you want to effortlessly operate your shades with the touch of a button or is a manual operation more your style? Are you concerned with hanging cords and want a more sleek appearance? These are all questions that must be answered when selecting the perfect shade for your home. When it comes to choosing the best operating system for your blinds, let us help. Here are your top options...

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Window Treatments for Bathrooms, Lanais and Other Moisture-Prone Areas of the Home

Selecting window treatments for your home isn't always a one-size-fits-all approach. What works in areas, such as living rooms and bedrooms, may not work in other areas of the home, especially those prone to moisture. The last thing you'd want to do is select an ornate luxury sheer for the bathroom, only to find it moldy and ruined after just a few weeks. You see, these areas of the home that are prone to getting wet need a little extra TLC when selecting window treatments. Here are our top window treatments for bathrooms, lanais and other moisture-prone areas of the home.

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Community Spotlight: Stonebridge

Relax in the elegance that is Stonebridge. With unsurpassed value and a pursuit of excellence, more Southwest Florida residents are calling this gated golf community home. Stunning preserve views make finding tranquility and serenity effortless, and with a variety of different activities to participate in, Stonebridge simply has it all. With world-class golf and close proximity to some of the best beaches in the country, you may just want to consider Stonebridge for your next home.

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Best Window Treatments for Outdoor Living

Being able to relax amidst the picturesque backdrop of our Southwest Florida paradise is important for many homeowners. Embracing the tranquility of outdoor living has become more and more popular over the years, and homes are now equipped with impressive outdoor living areas that feature top-quality outdoor kitchens, beautiful pools and spas, water features and space to entertain. When it comes to embracing our Southwest Florida paradise, don't forget about your window treatments. They need to be able to handle our sometimes harsh climate just like anything else in your home. Here's our top picks for the best window treatments for outdoor living.

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Product Spotlight: Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades

The variety of window treatments on the market these days can seem endless, and no matter which space you're looking to outfit in your home, there seems to be so many products to choose from. When it comes to window treatments, it's all about style. Many homeowners are opting for soft, light-filtering options, which provide privacy and allow the right amount of light into a room. When choosing the right window treatments for your space, you'll need to decide the function of your window treatments as well. A product we'd like to spotlight is Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades from Hunter Douglas. Let's talk style...

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The Perks of AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric

AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric is among one of the most popular forms of hurricane protection in the industry today. Light-weight, easy to deploy and affordable, many Southwest Florida homeowners are turning to this product to protect them during a storm. Among the numerous benefits of AstroGuard, there comes with it a few other perks along the way. This versatile resin-coated hybrid fabric helps homeowners with some aspects you may not have even considered. Here are some of the perks of AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric.

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