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Which Shade of White Should I Use for My Plantation Shutters?

To enjoy better indoor energy efficiency, privacy, and lighting, you may be planning for your windows to include plantation shutters. As you plan this project, one concern might be the color of your shutters.

While a light color is common, you might not be sure how to choose the right white paint for plantation shutters. Consider these tips for selecting a shade that’s ideal for your home design.

How to Choose the Right White Paint for Plantation Shutters

Before you start thinking about which shade of white to choose, it can help to look at your options. There are near-white shades that can complement every color. Some examples include:

  • - Ivory whiteplantation shutters
  • - Off-white or cream
  • - Yellowish-white
  • - Grayish-white



While there are lighter shades of a variety of colors, you may want to stick as close to a white shade as possible. Which range of shades best suits your home depends on a few different factors.

Avoid Using Yellow for Your Plantation Shutters

While you might envision a beautiful design that uses a yellowish-white color for your plantation shutters, this design concept rarely works out well. Yellowish-white wood tends to look stained or dirty.

This impression will worsen with time as dust and debris collect in the grains of the wood. In very little time, your yellowish-white shutters may look more like white shutters that have become stained with tobacco smoke.

Match Your Home’s Trim

As you're considering how to choose the right paint for your shutters, you can take a cue from the trim around your home. Try to match the color of your plantation shutters closely with the color of the trim to create a seamless look. It can help to collect samples and hold them against the trim to see which shade best matches the color.

Take the Lighting into Account

When it comes to how to choose the right white paint for plantation shutters, evaluating lighting is essential. If your windows get plenty of direct sunlight, ivory white might create a blinding glare. In that case, you’ll want to think about cream-colored or grayish-white plantation shutters.

A home that’s surrounded by trees and other obstructions may not get ample sunlight. In that case, a brighter white can help your home seem bigger and roomier. Ivory white can help amplify artificial lighting in that situation.

Consider the Architectural Design

The design of your home can make a difference in choosing the right shade of white. For example, brick looks better surrounded by white, while off-white shades might accentuate stucco walls.

Contemporary homes can stand out in a positive way when the shutters use a darker shade of white. Cottages and ranches have more classical designs, so ivory white might be the best option.

Explore the Best Shutters and Blinds for Your Home

When designing a home that speaks to your unique sense of style, turn to the experts at Naples Shutter for your window dressings. We can help you choose the best shutters for your home’s design. For a free estimate to help you plan your project, contact us online today.

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