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What Our Customers Are Saying About AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric

Naples homeowners know that quality hurricane protection is essential to living in Florida. You might’ve stumbled upon hurricane fabric before, but you’re still curious. Does hurricane fabric work? There’s one fabric that answers that question with a resounding “yes” better than any other: AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric.

Read on to see what Naples Shutter customers are saying about this high-quality storm protection.

About AstroGuard Rear Ext 3-cropped

If you aren’t familiar with hurricane fabric, it’s a specialty fabric made to withstand the high winds and rain storms that are synonymous with hurricanes. AstroGuard, in particular, is explicitly made from a resin-coated hybrid fabric, and you can use it over virtually any window, door, or opening in your home or garage. It’s surprisingly lightweight, especially compared to alternative metal panels, and it’s much stronger than using plywood, accordions, or even other hurricane fabrics.

Other notable AstroGuard aspects include the following:

  • Affordability (It can even help you lower homeowners’ insurance costs)
  • UV resistance
  • Protection against flying debris
  • Passes the Florida Building Code
  • Still lets light into a room
  • Tested to block 100% of winds, up to Category 5 speeds

As such, AstroGuard is the premier choice for protecting your home from hurricanes and intense storms, but you don’t just have to take our word for it: Many satisfied customers are already cosigning on the AstroGuard name.

The Testimonials Speak for Themselves

AstroGuard is a phenomenal product, and happy customers everywhere agree! Here’s what Lori had to say about her new AstroGuard hurricane fabric:

“Awesome heavy-duty hurricane fabric. Installing it allowed me to receive credit and reduced homeowners insurance. And it looks good!”

Will echoes these sentiments, saying that it offers some “solid protection” and that it is “a great solution for our problem areas.”

Terry H. gives a very in-depth analysis of why he’s a big fan of AstroGuard and why you should be too:

“I live in the Houston area, and being ready for a storm is something I pay attention to. In my opinion, AstroGuard fabric is the best protection money can buy. Go online and read up on it and watch a few of the test videos and see if you agree. My home is protected with AstroGuard coverings for every window and every exterior door. They are all neatly labeled and stored away until I need them. I found the cost to be reasonable when compared with roll-up shutters and the process of installing them to be easier and faster than using plywood. It takes the worry out of being close [to a storm].”

With reviews like these and countless others, there’s no need to ask, “Does hurricane fabric work?” AstroGuard does, and it can mean the difference between peace and panic during a Florida storm.

High-Quality Protection from the Masters in Hurricane Protection

If it’s time to upgrade from plywood to something more substantial for your hurricane protection, let us help! Naples Shutter is a professional, family-owned shutter and blinds company in Naples. We serve our community by providing them with AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric so that they, too, can be safe in the comfort of their home. Contact us today to learn more about AstroGuard and schedule a consultation!

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