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Top 5 Most Surprising Uses For Plantation Shutters

When you think about plantation shutters, most likely you picture crisp, white, louvered shutters covering a window. Sound about right? Well, what if we told you that there are plenty of other places in your home that plantation shutters can go? Did you ever think of covering a tricky, oddly shaped opening with shutters? Or maybe even repurposing an old set of shutters that have since been replaced?

Surprising_UsesPrepare to be amazed at the diversity of plantation shutters!

1.  French Doors

Plantation shutters are a wonderful way to accent a set of French doors, providing a clean look to any outdoor or porch opening. One of the best things about plantation shutters on French doors is that unlike blinds and shades that tend to sway and bang against the doors every time you open them, plantation shutters stay put!

Another great thing about plantation shutters on French doors is that any type of handle, whether it be a lever or a bigger type of handle, can be accommodated by a cutout on the plantation shutter. Cutouts can vary from rounded to more square, or even a custom shape, depending on the type of handle that you have on your door. Plantation shutters also allow light to come in or shut light out with just a tilt of the louvers, making this choice an obvious one for French doors.

2. Room Dividers

Have you ever wanted to separate a room to add a more contemporary or cozy feel to a space? Putting up a wall is quite the task and requires proper permitting from the county, which could take months to complete. Well, why not add a set of plantation shutters as a room divider? Shutters are not only more cost-effective than building a wall, you can also move them around the house for easy redecorating.

Plantation shutters as room dividers are especially great for dining areas and kitchens, even home offices, creating a more modern look to your home and efficiently utilizing the space.

3. Oval & Round Windows

Some window openings can be a bit tricky to cover, especially if they’re rounded or oval. It’s true that these odd shapes are a great talking point in any house, but sometimes, they can be in some inconvenient places. Take for instance your bathroom. That oval window may look great at first, but let’s be honest, we need some privacy in there. Plantation shutters can be made into just about any shape that you desire to not only cover that opening, but add a nice look to the room as well.

4. Glass Inserts

You may come across a place in your home where you don’t want that louvered look of a tradition shutter. That’s when glass insert panels come into play. Glass insert panels add a more contemporary look to a room and can let more light in than traditional louvered shutters, depending on the type of glass that you choose.

We once had a client who used a set of beautiful ocean blue glass insert shutters to separate her master bathroom. Whatever you choose, whether it be colored glass, or perhaps even a design, glass insert panels will certainly turn heads.

5. Closet Doors

Often overlooked, closet doors can sometimes be unsightly. Plantation shutters can help bring a room together and add a nice crisp touch of modern to the room. Plantation shutters can also protect clothes and other valuables from the sun’s harmful rays by being able to tightly close the louvers.

A Few Extras…

Have some old shutters lying around the house? Try some of these ideas to breathe new life into them:

  • Plantation shutter headboards

  • Shelving units

  • Garden racks

  • Lamp covers

As you can see, plantation shutters are quite versatile! So the next time you’re thinking about decorating, don’t forget to think about these unique and fun ways to incorporate plantation shutters into your next home project.

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