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Oversized Windows — Treatment Options for Large Spaces

You’re ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy your open-concept home. You have beautiful large windows, perfect for taking in Florida’s famous views. But even the most stunning oversized windows can fall flat without the right treatments.  

Luckily, we provide a wide range of options for covering large windows at Naples Shutter that you can choose from to make the most of this statement feature. 

Energy Efficiency: Cellular Shades 2023 DU PV Thea Hallway

In the Naples heat, the last thing you want is a stuffy room. Oversized windows can heat up your Florida home quickly without proper treatments. If you’re searching for energy efficiency, add cellular shades like the time-honored Duette® collection from Hunter Douglas to your list of options for covering large windows.  

Along with being affordable, cellular shades help keep your home cool and comfortable. Your oversized windows may let in a lot of sunlight, but cellular shades naturally filter some of these rays out. Their energy-efficient, honeycomb design may save you money on your air conditioning bill! 

UV Blockage: Solar Roller Shades 

Your high-end furniture and flooring need protection from the intense Florida sun. Our roller-style solar shades filter out harmful UV rays effortlessly. When rolled up, these smooth, luxurious window treatments rest neatly at the top of your large windows.  

While solar roller shades are stylish, they also reduce unintentional home heating. Our special UV filters prevent sun rays from sapping the air conditioning’s power in your home.  

Functional Modernity: Motorized Shades 

Motorized roller shades are the best choice for functional and modern window treatments. These window treatments raise and lower with the click of a button.  

The sleek movements add an air of elegance and modernity to your space. Guests will be in awe of your motorized shades as you easily allow the perfect amount of light into your home.  

We offer many options for your motorized large window shades. You can browse our varied selection of motorized roller shades that come in hundreds of colors, patterns, and fabrics.  

Extra Privacy: Woven Shades  

Woven wood shades offer a superior element of privacy to your home. While you love your oversized windows, you don’t necessarily want outsiders seeing everything you do. The intricate patterns give any room in your home more depth and character.  

These unique wood window treatments keep more natural light out than our other options. You can select blackout woven shades according to your home’s needs. Keep your privacy intact while admiring your large windows with gorgeous woven wood shades.  

Some of our wood shade options include: 

  • Natural woods 
  • Reeds
  • Grasses
  • Blackout treatments
  • Vertical styles
  • Top-only or full window treatments

The options are endless when you choose our wood-woven shades for your oversized windows! 

Soft Elegance: Sheers 

Oversized windows let in a lot of natural light. If you’re going for a light, soft look in the room, sheers are your best bet. They’ll allow plenty of light through without creating harsh contrast in the room.  

We recommend using a solid-colored rod to hang your sheers. Extend the rod from wall to wall to visually open up your space even more.  

Shop Options for Covering Large Windows at Naples Shutter 

Your large windows are waiting for their perfect coverings. The right treatments can add both value and functionality to your space. Browse our wide selection of high-quality window treatments to get started today! 

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