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Our Favorite Room Darkening Shades by Hunter Douglas

Everyone always talks about how they want more natural light in a room. But what everyone actually means is that they want the option of having light. Even if you are a dedicated fan of natural light, there are times when you need to enjoy your home without sunlight intruding into your space.

If you’re dying to get immersed in your favorite movie or get the best sleep of your life in a pitch-black room, Hunter Douglas has you covered. Here are some of the best blackout or room darkening shades we recommend from their line of blackout window shades.

Silhouette Sheer Shades

A practical but powerful option is the Silhouette. These shades strike a remarkable balance between giving you privacy and letting in light. You can enhance their room darkening capability with the Hunter Douglas Duolite system for even more control over how much light gets in.

We recommend this route if you’d still like a flood of light whenever you see fit but need occasional darkness. They’re perfect for living rooms and come in a wide range of different color fabrics, so there’s a lot of variation and room to play.

Duette Cellular Shades 2023 DU PV Elan Metallic LivingRoom Talent NoLamp

Duette cellular shades are similar to Silhouette shades, but with the added benefit of extra energy efficiency. These shades also feature sound absorption, making them an excellent accompaniment to office windows.

The extra insulation is also helpful for larger windows, and the fabric on these shades is partially made from recycled materials. Aside from how well they darken a room, there’s a lot you'll love about these shades.

Vignette Roman Shades

Roman shades are often considered one of the most classic elements in home design. They have a knack for looking both timeless and modern, but Hunter Douglas takes these shades to another level.

The Vignette line has an impressive list of design features, including:

  • Luxurious fabrics
  • Energy efficiency and substantial room darkening
  • Multiple style options
  • Two fold sizes — 4” full or 6” flat
  • Control options to make using your shades more effortless than ever

With the Vignette line, you can enjoy the timeless appeal of Roman shades with a range of modern advantages.

Provenance Woven Wood Shades

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the natural look. Provenance wood shades have an artistic flair that’s hard to replicate with anything other than Mother Nature’s finest.

The shades are made from grasses, bamboo, and different woods for a unique and textured approach. And any opportunity to add some intrigue to a room while you get your room darkening needs met at the same time is a big win.

Find the Best Blackout or Room Darkening Shades at Naples Shutter

Want to see more blind and shade options that can transform your home? Naples Shutter carries top-quality luxury blinds and shades, including a wide selection of Hunter Douglas shades.

Reach out to our knowledgeable team today to learn more and schedule an estimate for your new shades!

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