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Elevated Exterior Shutter Options

Your shutters are the windows to your home’s soul. As weather, sunlight, and other external factors wear on your home’s exterior, your shutters are there to protect it. These luxurious window treatments from Naples Shutter allow you to filter the amount of sunlight that reaches your home’s interior.

Ready to find the perfect exterior shutters for your home? Here are the best exterior shutter options from Naples Shutter.

Bahama Shutters: Colorful Curb Appeal for Years

If you want to display a tropical island aesthetic, consider our Bahama shutters. These shutters have a special powder coating and durable aluminum components. They can withstand several years of rain, wind, hail, and other poor weather conditions. Bahama and Colonial Shutters P1290395

Our Bahama shutters close and lock for energy efficiency and extra home security. You can save on your electric bill while protecting your home from invasions.

These premium shutters come in a hurricane-resistant form if you need extra durability and protection. We offer over 200 color finishes for our Bahama shutters. No matter what bright, bold hues you choose, we know you’ll love this option.

Colonial Shutters: Frame Your Windows With Style

Our gorgeous Colonial shutters frame both sides of your windows in a vertical fashion. This makes for an elegant, traditional view of your windows from the curb. Our Colonial shutters are incredibly versatile, coming in both decorative and functional forms.

Our decorative Colonial shutters simply frame each window without moving or flexing. We permanently mount them on either side of each window. On the other hand, our functional Colonial shutters can open and close, with the edges touching in the middle when closed.

You have plenty of options when ordering our Colonial shutters:

  • Over 200 colors
  • Bi-fold configuration
  • Arch configuration
  • Powder coating (weather resistance and color preservation)
  • Hurricane impact reinforcements

Your home will look quietly luxurious with our Colonial shutters. We make customization easy.

Outdoor Aluminum Plantation Shutters: Versatile Light Filtration

Plantation shutters are extremely beautiful and modern. Our durable aluminum plantation shutters allow you to choose exactly how much light strikes the inside of your home.

When closed, the aluminum blocks sunlight from entering your home and saves you money on your air conditioning bill. On the other hand, if you want an open, airy aesthetic, you can keep your plantation shutters slanted to allow sunlight in.

Aluminum is one of the most durable shutter materials available. These shutters are weather-resistant, requiring no maintenance to remain aesthetically pleasing and functional. When it comes to low-maintenance exterior shutters, our aluminum plantation options take the cake.

Naples Shutter: Browse Our Exterior Shutter Options

At Naples Shutter, we take home improvements and window treatments seriously. Our shutters are durable, pleasing to the eye, and functional. Our experts are always on hand to install the perfect set of shutters for your home’s exterior.

If you want to upgrade the curb appeal of your home, we have exactly what you need. Browse our wide selection of exterior shutters and contact us for a free estimate today.

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