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Do Window Treatments Increase the Resale Value of Your Home?


There are a lot of things to think about when selling your home. Does everything pass inspection? Does it have curb appeal? Does it have all the bells and whistles that push buyers in the right direction? Many sellers don’t realize that there are obvious things that can boost the value of their homes. Take window treatments, for example. Do these really help when it comes to selling your home? Let’s find out.

There are many different options when choosing the right window treatment for your home. Blinds, drapery treatments, and plantation shutters are some of the popular options nowadays. Here’s a look at how these particular window treatments help to increase your home’s selling potential.

Window_Treatments__Resale_Value-1Blinds & Shades

These window treatments can vary from very basic to more extravagant. The wood blind is what some homeowners choose just to have their windows covered. Not fancy and generally with a short lifespan, these window treatments get the job done without offering much value to your home. But don’t be fooled. Blinds can get more complex. Ranging from motorized screen shades to room complimenting sheer weaves, blinds can be a nice accent to a room. But even with the more lavish treatments, the lifespan is still anywhere from 5 to 7 years, and still doesn’t significantly increase the value of your home.


Nowadays, drapery treatments aren’t as necessary as they were in the past. Many people tend to replace these ornate, and sometimes old fashioned, window treatments with a more modern look, like plantation shutters. Most drapery treatments are suited to the taste of the previous owner of the house and are removed shortly after a new buyer takes ownership. Therefore, they do not significantly increase the home's resale value. The more modern drapery options like a simple pair of drapery panels, however, can have a broader appeal, but don't invest in draperies simply to sell you home. It's a long shot that you will be able to predict the preferences of your buyers.

Plantation Shutters

Classic, stylish, and long-lasting, these contemporary window treatments are a perfect addition to any home. Most plantation shutters are custom built for your home, come with a lifetime warranty, and are often featured in real estate descriptions as a major selling point. Not only are plantation shutters more durable than blinds and draperies, they completely change the look of your home, providing a crisp and clean appearance. Many people choose plantation shutters not only because of their one-of-a-kind classic look, but also because they increase the value of your home significantly.

Staging Your Home

It’s important to allow buyers to see the potential of your home. By staging your home, buyers can really put themselves in your home in everyday situations and see if it would work for them. Your window treatments can play a vital role in appealing to a buyer. Leave your window treatments open to allow light to filter in, making rooms appear larger. Do this by opening the slats of your plantation shutters, raising your blinds all the way up, or drawing your draperies back. It’s imperative for people to see your home in more ways than just a walk-thru. They need to be able to see themselves living there for your home to make a lasting impression.

Your window treatments and what you do with them can have an impact on the value of your home. You bought your home for a reason. Give someone else a reason to love it the way you did for so many years too.


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