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Cleaning Tips for Fabric Shades

"There has got to be a better way to keep my window treatments clean." It’s likely that every homeowner has had this exact thought before. 

Naples Shutter knows that with all the other home projects you have, not to mention more enjoyable ways to spend your precious time, it's tempting to look at your fabric shades and say you'll take care of them tomorrow. But having clean window treatments doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds. Follow these steps or share them with your cleaning crew for wonderfully fresh window treatments all year round. 

Here are some expert cleaning tips for fabric shades for a cleaner home faster than ever:

Your Vacuum Is Your Friendpirouette_easyrise_kitchen_1-resized-600

First, vacuuming is probably the easiest way to keep up with your window treatment care. It requires little effort on your end, too. Many vacuums have useful attachments that make caring for your window treatments a breeze. Just remember to get both sides of the fabric.

Pay Attention to the Top

Many homeowners find no problem keeping the fabrics of their window treatments at least somewhat clean. However, even the cleanest among them might forget to get the dust on the tops of their sahdes. These areas collect way more dust than any other part of the treatment. With that in mind, giving them some extra attention is important if you want to keep your windows clean.

Spot Clean

The sooner you can address a stain, the less likely it is to ruin your shades. Therefore, you must clean off spots the moment you notice them. It's also much easier to clean something that will leave a stain when it’s fresh instead of having to rely on heavy-duty cleaning or multiple washes. That could potentially get the spot out, but washing your fabric too much could dull its color too quickly.

Avoid Strong Detergents

Many cleaners are too harsh to use on fabric window treatments, even if they're marketed as fabric cleaners. In fact, using strong detergents on your fabric shades could lead to discoloration and weaker fabric fibers.

Neither of these issues is worth cleaner fabric, so do your best to use gentle cleansers. When in doubt, use something natural. You can also try to clean a small, discreet section of the fabric to see how it responds.

Know Your Fabric

Lastly, knowing what materials make up your treatment is necessary to clean it properly. For example, you want to be extra careful with anything made from natural fibers. These generally only need a vacuum to remove the dust and don't respond well to water or mild cleaners. Any dressings made from more exotic fabrics should only be cleaned according to the cleaning instructions or by a professional.

Quality, Easy-to-Maintain Treatments From Naples Shutter

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