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Choosing the Right Hurricane Protection

As many people from the Sunshine State can attest, living in Florida can often mean dealing with storms and hurricanes. In fact, every one of Florida’s coastlines has seen at least one hurricane since 1850. You’ve probably heard warnings on the news to evacuate and protect yourself, but what about protecting your second most valuable asset: your home? 

Thankfully, finding the right types of hurricane protection for your property doesn’t have to be hard. So let’s break down your options so you can fully protect your home when storms strike.  

AstroGuard: The Strongest Hurricane Protection Fabric AstroGuard

AstroGuard hurricane fabric is the modern solution to heavy tropical storms. This amazing high-strength material is coated in resin and protects your entire home. While lightweight and easy to deploy, AstroGuard provides a tough buffer against wind and rain.  

AstroGuard can protect your home’s: 

  • Windows 
  • Garage 
  • Roof 
  • Doors 
  • Porch 
  • Lanai 
  • General structure 

With such comprehensive protection, you’d think AstroGuard would be expensive. On the contrary, it’s among the most affordable, heavy-duty types of hurricane protection available.  

99% Wind and Rain Blockage 

When bad weather hits, AstroGuard has you covered. This material blocks 99% of incoming wind and rain. You can’t get better hurricane protection than that! 

Tested for Category 5 Winds 

AstroGuard hurricane protection fabric is thoroughly tested in up to category 5 winds. While category 5 storms are rare, it’s still good to have that peace of mind.  

Quick and Easy to Deploy  

You don’t always have time to prepare for an incoming storm. With that in mind, AstroGuard offers rapid, user-friendly deployment. 

100% UV Resistance 

The sun’s rays can break down other hurricane protection fabrics. So while you’re counting on it to protect you from the next storm, it’s meanwhile degrading and therefore compromising your home. On the other hand, AstroGuard is 100% resistant to UV rays, meaning you can use it year-round without worries.  

Florida Building Code and Insurance Approval 

Both the Florida Building Code and mainstream Florida hurricane insurance have approved AstroGuard. This means you can even rely on AstroGuard to protect commercial properties or real estate investments. 

Hurricane Shutters: Roll-Down and Accordion Options 

Hurricane shutters are another popular option for hurricane protection, including roll-down shutters and accordion shutters. These fixtures are also permanently installed and easy to deploy, offering year-round protection.  

rolldown_shuttersRoll-Down Shutters 

Roll-down shutters operate through a crank or motor. You can keep them open in various positions to allow airflow when the weather is calm. During heavy storms, you can deploy them from inside or outside your home. 

Accordion Shutters 

Accordion shutters use a handle to open and close. You also benefit from a key lock for added security and protection. The vertical slats and roller-carriage system both allow for easy opening and closing. You also get to choose the width of your accordion shutters, making this a good option for any property.  

Explore Types of Hurricane Protection From Naples Shutter, Inc. 

Our product experts and installers are here to safeguard your home from hurricane woes. Contact us to get a free home analysis today! 

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