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Top 5 Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

“I just don’t know what to do with my sliding glass doors!”  Many clients visit our showroom at Naples Shutter with a clear idea of what they want on their windows – shutters, blinds, shades, draperies, etc. – but the comment we hear over and over again is, “What do I do with my sliding glass doors?”  That’s why we created this handy list of the most popular and functional ways to treat sliding glass doors.  While some people choose to leave them uncovered, most clients prefer to add some kind of window treatment to these large openings so they gain privacy, light control, and heat management.  Take a look…

1:  Sliding Plantation Shutters

Okay, okay, yes we are a plantation shutter factory so we may seem biased, but plantation shutters do make a wonderful addition to sliding glass doors in many cases.  Plantation shutters are not just limited to windows.  They are the perfect complement to doors of all kinds, including sliding glass doors.  If you have shutters on your windows, create a continuous look by extending them to your doors as well.  They offer tremendous architectural appeal, light control, heat control, and a clear view outside. 

  • Carry the look of shutters throughout your homeSliding Plantation Shutters

  • Control sunlight by opening/closing louvers or sliding shutter panels open/closed

  • Reduce heat from the sun’s glare

  • Panels slide open horizontally to give you easy access to the outdoors

  • Architectural appeal—visible both outside and inside

  • Shutters can be completely open, completely closed, or partially open/closed for custom light and privacy management

  • Add a bottom track for extra stability

  • Available in unlimited paint or stain colors to match your home’s trim color

2:  Vertical Shades

Hold on!  Before you cringe, we are not talking about the vertical blinds of your grandmother’s time—with their plastic vanes flapping in the wind and attacking anyone who dared try to operate them without creating a tangled mess.  Today’s vertical shades are stylish, modern and highly functional.  They are also available in a wide selection of materials and colors.  Take Hunter Douglas Vertiglide collection, for example—with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, there’s truly something for everyone.  If you prefer the natural look, consider a vertical shade made from a woven wood material, such as the Horizons Averte collecduette vertiglide livingroom 2 (2) resized 600tion.  It really makes a statement.

  • Shades slide open horizontally so you can open partially to step outside.

  • They stack tightly when opened, taking up minimal space

  • Pleated vertical shades are translucent and come in hundreds of colors and patterns

  • Woven wood shades offer a selection of interesting patterns and natural colors.

  • Choose the level of light and privacy control that is right for youHorizons Averte

3:  Roller Shades

Roller shades (and their sister product: solar shades) are tremendously popular on Florida windows because of their incredible ability to control light and heat.  What many people don’t know is that they can easily be used to cover large sliding glass doors, too.  Many homeowners choose to motorize them for easy operation. 

  • Roller shades are mounted to the top of the door opening, operating up and downdesignerroller none livingroom (2) resized 600

  • You can choose the level of openness for custom privacy and light control

  • Shades can be motorized for easy operation, either by a remote control, wall switch or both

  • Available in dozens of colors

  • Blends with your décor

  • When rolled up, these shades are nearly invisible, especially if you add a top treatment such as a cornice or valance

4:  Draperies

If you like the idea of using fabric to soften a room or tie your colors together, you may want to consider draperies on your sliding glass doors.  They can be mounted in several ways to achieve the look you want.

  • Grommet top draperies have holes with metal grommets in the top of the fabric that slip over a drapery rod.  The draperies can be opened and closed manually.Grommet Top

  • Traversing draperies are mounted with the fabric permanently attached to hooks on a drapery rod every few inches.  The hooks are then drawn back and forth down the drapery rod by pulling on a control string on the side of the drapes.  Traversing draperies offer a clean, tidy look with evenly-spaced pleats. 

  • Draperies are a popular choice because they offer unlimited choices of fabrics or sheers to complement your décor.

  • Adding stationary drapery panels to the sides of sliding glass doors is a popular option to tie a room together.

5:  Cornices/Valances/Top Treatments

Whether you choose one of the above window treatments or none at all, a sliding glass door can almost always be enhanced with a cornice, valance or top treatment.  They transform the door from a gaping hole in your wall to a coordinated part of the room, making it an inviting passageway to the outdoors.

  • Naples Shutter can custom make wood valances to match your plantation shuttersValance

  • Cornices are available in all shapes, sizes, and fabrics.  Enhance with decorative trim, bamboo, and anything else that catches your eye.

  • Valances can use fabrics that tie your room together and can be mounted on a rod, a board, or even on tieback posts as shown here.

  • Top treatments made of woven wood materials, bamboo poles, grasscloth, and other natural materials bring a comfortable element to your room.Master

The bottom line is that when it comes to your sliding glass doors, don’t limit yourself!  Think of the window treatments you love in other parts of your house and explore the possibility of using them on your doors as well.  Also, don’t be afraid to combine two or three of the suggestions above.  One popular combination is roller shades + drapery side panels + a top treatment.  You get sun control, privacy and beauty all in one shot.  Check out the Naples Shutter photo gallery for even more inspiration.  Have fun!

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