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AstroGuard or Accordion Shutters: How to Choose the Right Option for Your Home

Hurricanes don’t wait for the right time to strike. They just do. How will you protect your home when the next tropical storm rolls in? With Naples Shutter, you can start considering your options. 

Should you choose hurricane fabric or accordion shutters? What are the advantages of each option? We’re here to guide you through this process. Secure our superior hurricane protection for the place you love the most — your home. 

All About AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric

AstroGuard is the strongest hurricane protection fabric you can get for your home. It’s made from resin-coated fabric that can endure extremely heavy loads of wind and rain. You don’t have to sacrifice affordability for durability with AstroGuard. 

Some other benefits of AstroGuard hurricane fabric include: astro-3

  • 100% UV resistance 
  • Lightweight fabric
  • 40% stronger than polypropylene
  • Flying debris protection
  • Florida Building Code approval
  • Insurance approval
  • 10-year warranty
  • Rapid deployment — no wait time
  • Easy and convenient storage 

AstroGuard offers full-spectrum hurricane protection like no other fabric. If you’re looking for an affordable home protection option, AstroGuard fabric has your back. 

Accordion Shutters: Security and Permanent Installation

Businesses, residential buildings, and homes can all benefit from accordion shutters. These are permanently installed on both a top and bottom track on the building. This provides thorough hurricane protection and plenty of security. 

Building Protection and Security

Our accordion shutters come complete with a lock and key. Aside from storm protection, you also get peace of mind knowing your property is protected while you’re away. Accordion shutters are helpful for vacation homes, commercial properties, and much more. 

Customized Installation

We can customize your accordion shutter installation according to your needs. Whether you need a 50/50 stack or a 90/10 left-leaning stack, we have you covered. We’ll make sure your property and belongings don’t fall victim to ruthless tropical storms. 

Hurricane Fabric or Accordion Shutters? How to Choose

Which option is best for you — hurricane fabric or accordion shutters? The answer depends on your home’s unique needs. Use this comparison guide to make the best choice for your valuable property. 


AstroGuard is both durable and affordable. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective hurricane protection option, we recommend this fabric. Considering its rapid deployment and 99% wind and rain blockage features, you can’t go wrong with AstroGuard’s price point. 

Home and Building Security

Accordion shutters offer a way to lock down your property in a literal sense. You can lock them from both the inside and outside, depending on your needs. For large buildings, commercial and residential alike, we recommend accordion shutters. This is also a secure storm protection option for vacation homes you don’t visit often. 

Building Code and Insurance Approval 

You can save money on homeowner’s insurance by using AstroGuard hurricane fabric. Your building is more likely to pass inspections as well. The strength and rigorous testing standards of this material work in your favor when it comes to insurance and Florida Building Codes. 

Protect Your Property From Hurricanes With Naples Shutter

Choose Naples Shutter for your hurricane protection installation. Our product experts bring over 25 years of combined experience to the table. Schedule an estimate today!

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