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All About Hidden Tilt on Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters from Naples Shutter are a popular choice of window covering — and for good reason. They're beautiful, yes, but also energy-efficient. And they provide you with more control over the light in a room. In addition, shutters are often made from more durable materials, making them a long-lasting investment.

While purchasing plantation shutters is always a good idea, there are still some considerations. One major one is what kind of tilt rods you will buy. You might have heard of hidden tilt rods, but what exactly does hidden tilt mean? Here's what to know about this type of shutter rod before you make any decisions.

What Is Hidden Tilt on a Plantation Shutter? NSI 1

The average set of plantation shutters typically has a central tilt rod that goes down the center of each shutter panel. You'll use it to adjust the slats for more or less light. Central tilt rods are also visible, which can be a good look for those who prefer traditional styles. But many homeowners prefer a less obvious and more streamlined design.

That leaves you with another popular option: plantation shutters with hidden tilt rods. The back panel of the shutters conceals the metal rods. Building the shutters this way combines the tilt rod with the shutter mechanism. Some prefer this style since no added rods or poles affect the window's appearance.

There are multiple benefits to plantation shutters like this.

Hidden tilt rods fit perfectly with contemporary-style homes. The clean, sleek look retains a space's minimalist feel. Therefore, they're the perfect upgrade for anyone who wants to modernize their home subtly but impactfully.

Why Choose Hidden Tilt?

Hidden tilt rods may work better for some homes than others. Hidden tilt makes the most sense when you:

  • Want the room to have a more modern look
  • Plan to let more light in from the outside
  • Want a better look at the outside through the window
  • Have pets or children who could reach a center tilt rod
  • You want a low-maintenance window covering

In addition, hidden tilt is a good idea if the window you want the shutters on is located in a damp room.

If you're looking for something more traditional, you may get more mileage out of central tilt. However, shutters in this style can block your view and make a room feel crowded if you install them on a door with narrow panels. Whichever you choose mostly comes down to personal preference. Still, hidden tilt rods have many benefits that make them an attractive choice.

A Window of New Design Opportunities at Naples Shutter

If you were wondering "what is hidden tilt on a plantation shutter" before, you might now be interested in exploring these for your home. Naples Shutter provides quality plantation shutters, expert installation, and in-home sales consultations for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about your new shutters.

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