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Hurricane Season 2021 Update: What to Expect During the Peak of Season

Hurricane Season 2021 has been underway since June 1st, and while some may be thinking that this isn't so bad, many of us know that the season is just getting started. As we crest into the month of August, we hit what's called the “peak” of season, and whether you've been through this before or you're new, it's important to listen up and be prepared. The Atlantic Hurricane Season won't end until November 30th, which means that the majority of the season is still upon us, but not all of the season is as bad as the peak. In our Hurricane Season 2021 update, here's what to expect during the peak of season.

Hurricane Chances Rise

Untitled design (1)Think of hurricane season as a mountain. The first couple of months, we're climbing the mountain and the higher we go, the more susceptible we are to experiencing inclement weather. As the summer months heat up, so does the water, and warm water is a beacon for hurricane formation. By now, the waters in the Gulf and other areas have gotten the chance to heat up, and warm water combined with moist air is the perfect recipe for a hurricane. Once we hit the top of the mountain, the peak, if you will, it's time to go down the other side, where we'll experience potentially less of a threat for inclement weather to head our way. Think of the months of October and November as the time where you're scaling down the mountain, and as the weather cools down slightly and humidity levels drop, the risk factor drops as well. So, what does this all mean? Well, it means that August and September are the peak of season, where our chances of experiencing a storm are highly increasing as the days progress.

Don't Hesitate to Get Prepared

By now, you've probably heard us mention hurricane prep a time or two...or ten. That's because it is so imperative to have a plan of action put together, so that if and when a storm comes our way, you know exactly what to do and how to move forward. Preparation includes:

Having hurricane protection is one of the biggest responsibilities of Southwest Florida homeowners, which is why we always urge residents to order their protection early. The good thing is that AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric lead times are much quicker than other hurricane protection, like impact glass, which is currently running at about six to nine months for install. AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric can be ordered and at your house within four weeks, which is much more comforting, especially since we have a few more months left of hurricane season.

Be Ready for Anything

During this time of the year, anything can happen. It doesn't take much for our quiet, tranquil waters to become fierce and treacherous in a matter of days, so being prepared is crucial. Stay updated on the latest developments from your local meteorologists and be sure you know exactly where your hurricane protection resides in your home. And if your current hurricane protection isn't going to work for you, do not hesitate to partner with a reputable company, so that if a storm does come our way, you're as prepared as possible.


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