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Naples homeowners toss out traditional shutters for hurricane fabric

NAPLES, Fla. - The company, Naples Shutter, says their phone have been lightening up with calls and questions about the upcoming storm. The company worked on getting homes ready for the storm.

Wendy Grossman has lived in Florida for 15 years. Her family is no stranger to hurricane season.

"we were here for Wilma in Naples. We were in a different home that didn't have impact windows at the time and we stat up all night listening to our windows shake and rattle and thought okay before the next storm need to do something," said Wendy Grossman, homeowner.

Wendy moved into a new home in Naples, recently. She ordered hurricane fabric months ago to storm proof her home and her deliver arrived just in time.

"We have a five-year-old, a six-month-old and a bird and fish so we need to keep all safe as we can."

Brian Trecek, owner of Naples Shutter, is installing hurricane fabric known as astroguard on the window's of Wendy's home. The fabric is quickly replacing traditional hurricane shutters and it's approved for a category 5 hurricane.

"It stops everything at impact and drops it." said Brian Trecek.

The fabric is lightweight and easy to put up. Brian says homeowners should be especially cautious when it comes to windows and garage doors.

"In a storm, it's not that we care if the window breaks or something, but you don't want pressure to come in the house or that the wind to build up and blow the roof off like we saw in Charley and Wilma," said Trecek.

Now Floridians are faced with Isaac and its uncertainty.

"You're starting to see a lot of people who were sitting there doing nothing and are now saying we have a storm. We are in the cone and it's getting busy."

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